Aquarium Maintenance Log

freshwater decorationsYou can call it an aquarium maintenance log, a fish tank diary, or just a calendar with scribbles on it. Whatever you call it, it’s important to have a clear way to keep track of some important information for your fish aquarium. There are downloadable aquarium apps for your iphone or android smartphone that will help you not only track your fish tank maintenance, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels but also the fish that you have in your aquarium. Many software applications will also track calcium, phosphate and other levels reef keepers are concerned with for saltwater tanks. Many tropical fish and saltwater aquarists who are also good with excel will set up spreadsheets custom tailored to what they feel is important for their tanks including breeding schedules. Whether you have a diary of some sort, a log, excel spreadsheets, or some other way of keeping track of the necessary routine maintenance, it should be kept as simple as possible so that you don’t become a slave to your tank.

With proper maintenance procedures and regular water changes, record keeping can be minimal and your enjoyment of your aquarium will be optimal. Proper maintenance will also reward you with healthy thriving fish. At the very least you should keep a calendar of the required maintenance items to make the necessary tasks less of a chore.

One of the items that should be watched daily is, of course, the health of the fish and invertebrates. A quick check of your aquarium inhabitants can show any unhealthy or lethargic fish; usually a sign of stress. Major symptoms include fins held tight to the body, sluggishness, erratic swimming patterns, struggling at the surface, decrease in appetite, patches on the fins or body, or fish that are usually active staying motionless. If that is the case, run a few tests, check temperature of water, determine what the problem is and make the necessary adjustments. If it can be determined what the cause of the stress was, it would be beneficial to log that. If it happens again, maybe it can be alleviated faster with less stress on the fish. And more importantly, it might be avoided all together. Keeping an aquarium maintenance log will allow you to see patterns in water conditions that may contribute to such maladies.

Another thing to pay attention to and keep track of is the equipment that is running your system. The equipment full reefincludes, but not limited to, filtration, lighting, heaters, protein skimmers, carbon, chillers, etc. All the equipment will need cleaning, repair, or replacement at some point. Carbon needs monthly replacement, skimmers need cleaning as necessary, light bulbs have to be replaced at some point, heaters and chillers must be checked from time to time to make sure that they are operating within limits set by the manufacturer. All these items can be logged as they are checked or replaced on a routine basis. Not only does it serve as a reminder to do due diligence, but it can also act as reminder to replace inventory supply. Correct maintenance of your equipment is essential to the well being of your fish.

Every tank is as individual as the hobbyist that keeps it. Log entries can be just as unique. What might be a huge concern for someone who is breeding fish may not even come to mind to the person that just likes the beauty of their aquarium. This article attempts to guide the aquarist to be more attentive to the details of his or her tank. It can’t be stressed enough, don’t be a slave to your tank. Let the aquarium maintenance log be part of the overall routine that you use to maintain your aquarium, rather than the minutia that hampers your enjoyment.

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Aquarium Maintenance Log
To really understand what is happening to the water quality and the health of your tank inhabitants, it is important to keep a good record of what and when things are happening in your fish tank. This article touches on many of the records to keep and why.

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