Change Aquarium Water

One of the key aspects to having a beautiful aquarium, whether it is fresh water or saltwater, is to change aquarium water on a regular, consistent basis.  Because of the build up of nitrates and the depletion of key essential elements over time in a fish tank, it is imperative to provide some welcome relief to the tank inhabitants. This is a great time to also remove any unwanted algae or detritus that has accumulated.

Many aquarists subscribe to the notion that small water changes should be done often; say once per week.  That’s ok if that is what you are comfortable with.  But tell the new fish hobbyist that they have to do water changes every week and they will get a puppy instead.  A twenty five to thirty percent water change once per month is more than sufficient to maintain a healthy aquarium as long as that aquarium is not over fed, used as a night light, or set up next to a sun filled window.


For freshwater tanks there are a number of water changers on the market that will hook up to a kitchen faucet and remove and replace the water in your tank.  The only concern with that type of equipment is to maintain a temperature from the faucet that is consistent with the temperature that is in the aquarium.

For saltwater tanks it is recommended that you use buckets to change aquarium water; one for removing the water and another that has the new saltwater mixed and ready to replace the old dirty water.  The main concerns for saltwater water changes is not only to maintain a consistent temperature compared to that of the aquarium water but to also make sure that the specific gravity (salt content) is correct too.  If you are using a real ocean product rather than mixing a synthetic sea salt, the above concerns should be heeded as well.

Before embarking on a water change of any size, make sure that you have the necessary supplies that you will use from start to finish.  There is nothing worse than removing dirty water from the aquarium only to realize you don’t have enough salt to mix up in order to replace with new water.  Also, don’t buy the cheapest salt just because it is inexpensive.  Make sure you get a good high quality salt.  It might cost a little more for the water changes, but it will save you money in the long run by maintaining a healthy environment for your fish.  It is better to spend a bit more for the salt than replace fish after watching them die slowly because of poor salt mix that doesn’t have the essential elements or proper buffers.

tap water

Water chemistry varies in different municipalities so check with your local pet or fish store to find out if you need to add anything to your tap water to ensure the safety of your fish.  Some areas have such bad concerns that it might behoove you to either buy reverse osmosis water or maybe even purchase a reverse osmosis unit to have at your home or office.  Though many stores will encourage you to purchase an RO unit, it truly is seldom needed.

Whether you decide to change aquarium water monthly or weekly, be consistent.  Just like any pet you choose to own, fish depend on youcompletely for their lives.  What might seem to be a chore at first, will pay off in the long term by providing you with a beautiful tank that you can be proud of.

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Change Aquarium Water
Water changes are essential to maintaining a healthy environment for your fish, invertebrates or corals.

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