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Fish tank productsLet’s talk about the fish tank products that you will need, not only setting up a new tank, but also what you will need as time goes on. Though prices vary drastically, most leading products are usually close in price. Having said that, there are a lot of products, mostly from over seas, that may not have the quality of better well-known and established products. They may cost less, but the failure rate is usually pretty high. It can cost much more in the long run because of the damage they can do. For example; if a poorly made heater malfunctions and over heats the tank, the cost in dead fish, plants, invertebrates or corals could be staggering. Not every product from China or the Philippines is sub standard but many are cheap clones of other products that they produce for companies that have really good reputable products.

Fish tank products at the outset of a new aquarium set up include the tank (glass or acrylic), stand or canopy (pine, oak, metal, etc.), heater, chiller, filter, lighting, salt, etc. Most local fish or pet stores should be able to guide you in the initial set up phase. Use high quality products. Don’t skimp on necessary products that will be the lifeline of your tank inhabitants. Remember that the money spent for the initial set up is an investment in the future of your fish. Too often, people will buy cheap products in the beginning only to find out they should have spent a little more to ensure the health of their tank. A loss of an entire tank of fish can cost a whole lot more than a few more dollars at the beginning.

When determining what the temperature of your tank will need to be consider where the aquarium will be placed, the amount of equipment and lighting that you will be running, and the type of fish, plants or corals, etc. that you will be keeping. Sometimes, aquariums in an office or business environment may not need to worry about temperature fluctuations because the ambient temperature is kept comfortably controlled for customers and employees. On the other hand, an aquarium placed near a door way will be exposed to frequent temperature fluctuations as customers and employees enter and exit all day long. Most tanks needs some kind of heater but only a small percentage will need a chiller. Chillers are typically found on reef tanks or FOWLR ( Fish Only With Live Rock ) tanks that have a lot of filter pumps and lighting that create heat.

Water filters for fish tanks are the most important products that you will purchase for your aquarium. Whether you are using basic undergravel filters, canister filters, wet dry filters or even refugium filters, the choices are varied. Research for your own peace of mind the differences between the above types of filters and determine what kind will be best for the aquarium you want to set up. Over filtering is never a problem, so choose a filter at least one size bigger than what you need. This will help ensure a healthy tank. If the filter is too small, it will have to work too hard to keep up with the waste produced by the inhabitants. An aquarium that is under filtered tends to have fish that aren’t healthy.

Aquarium lighting needed for fish only freshwater or saltwater fish tanks can be very basic. In these types of tanks, fish are not dependent on the light and often do very well with just the ambient light from room that it is set up in. Having said that, the colors of the fish can really pop when the correct lighting is used. Don’t use typical home or office lighting. Most of the “soft white” or “warm white” bulbs found around a hardware store will not enhance the colors of the fish and can, in fact, cause a lot of unwanted algae. Also, don’t use aquarium lighting for a night-light. Too many hours of light will also encourage unwanted algae. Lighting in a reef aquarium or a FOWLR tank is another thing altogether. A great deal of the inhabitants in these tanks requires certain spectrums for a minimum of hours per day. These lights are controlled by timers, as should all aquarium lights. By putting fish tank lighting on timers, it guarantees that the lights will not be left on for days in some cases. It also gives the inhabitants a sense of normality in their day to day life.

Included in your fish tank products should be fish food as well. Flake food is one of the most over stocked products fish foodsavailable either in a pet store or online. Make sure that the ingredients make sense. There are a few companies with great reputations for fish food. There are a huge number of these food companies that don’t have good track records. Usually, frozen foods are consistent and not as likely to include fillers that cause digestion problems. Don’t’ forget to include replacement filter paraphernalia, carbon, salt and scrubber pads as well as testing supplies.

This article regarding fish tank products does not promote particular brands or manufacturers. Instead, this site attempts to bring to light the types of products that are needed so that a new aquarist can approach the hobby with eyes open. One of the worst things that harms this hobby is the hidden costs that the store may not tell you until after you have already set the tank up. Often times it makes the new hobbyist feel like they were duped. Good luck and enjoy your aquarium

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