An Easy Aquarium

small easy aquariumIf you want an easy aquarium to set up and maintain, then truly the freshwater community tank is the logical choice.  If your idea of an easy aquarium is to have some one else set it up and maintain it then the sky is the limit, or at least the checkbook is the limit.  Like beauty, the easy aquarium is in the eye of the beholder.  Some fish tanks are easier to keep and maintain than others for one simple reason.  The aquarist chooses to make it that way.  Some people aren’t happy until they are miserable.  Making yourself a slave to your aquarium usually ends up in throwing good money after bad as well as elevating your frustration level to the max.

An easy aquarium can be what you want it to be.  If it’s freshwater, then keep it simple and purchase the things that you need at the beginning.  Don’t wait until you think you might need it.  That will be too late and fish will have died or gotten sick.   Buy the things that are proper for the type of tank that you want to own.  It might cost a little more to set up at first but will save a bundle in the long run.  Make sure that you get the right type of tank that you need, the stand that will go well with the surroundings, an aquarium hood for the lights that are necessary for the fish, plants or invertebrates, etc.  With very few exceptions,tank needs like a canopy or decorations, most items that are needed should be purchased at the beginning.  It makes little sense to buy a heater after the tank gets too cold or proper lighting after you lose freshwater plants or marine corals and invertebrates.  Same is true with a chiller for certain reef tanks or similar setups.

Though the freshwater community tank is the easiest in terms of beginner to experienced aquarist, there are other freshwater tanks that can also be enjoyed if you are willing to go slowly (be patient) and ask a lot of questions, do research like you are right now and set up what is proper for the type of tank you choose.  Cichlids are a good choice but they need to be watched so that they don’t kill each other.  They will tear up the decorations and plants especially when mating.  More aggressive tanks like those with Oscars, Green Terrors, Arowanas and the like can be enjoyable but the hobbyist must be careful when adding anything new because established fish may kill them.

Saltwater aquariums are really the most beautiful, but when set up improperly and not maintained regularly, you might as well just throw cash and your wallet in the tank because they might last longer.  With the price of saltwater fish, anemones, corals and invertebrates, it’s imperative that you are willing to do what is needed on a regular basis to ensure the health of the tank inhabitants.  Most of the time, aquarists that have some experience in freshwater fish keeping first set up saltwater tanks.

easy tank Making the decision to keep fish is just like making the decision to buy a cat or dog.  They are dependent on you for everything.  An easy aquarium is the aquarium that you are willing to put in the time with.  Make sure that you or a service company are going to do the necessary maintenance.  This doesn’t have to kill an entire Saturday, but you might have to set aside a couple of hours once or twice a month in order to make an environment that a fish can survive and thrive in.

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An Easy Aquarium
Freshwater aquariums are the easiest to keep and maintain but there are some aspects that will make it easier.

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