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fish store tanksWhether you are new to the hobby or are a seasoned aquarist, finding an aquarium pet shop that is reputable is a must.  Let’s face it, even if you think you have all the answers for your aquarium, you most likely don’t have everything that you might need to maintain, repair, replace, or even medicate if the situation arises.  That’s why it is a good idea to have a working relationship with a store that you feel comfortable with and one that doesn’t try to sell you something just because they want to.

Some stores are dedicated to fresh water and saltwater fish aquariums.  They usually are very knowledgeable and can, with a reasonable certainty, diagnose a problem that you might be having.  Most will test your aquarium water for free and help you determine what might be the right course to help you improve your water quality and fish health.  These stores are most likely owned by a sole proprietor and rely on repeat customers to stay in business.

Many stores that carry fish are considered full line pet stores or complete pet stores.  Though some do have a fair amount of knowledge, a lot do not when it comes to the tropical fish aquarium hobby.  If the nearest store to you is a full line pet store, make sure you ask questions that you pet shop dog foodalready know the answer to to see if the assistant has a grasp of the hobby.  Selling dog and cat food or birds and reptiles does not a knowledgeable fish person make. Petco or Petsmart may have people in the fish department that truly have knowledge, but most likely it’s not the case.  Do your research….it’ll make your life easier when you need help later.

Online research can be extremely confusing!  In this hobby, you’ll find everyone has an opinion.  Surf around, read blogs, search sights like this and others.  Be proactive as you set up and maintain your tank.  Make sure you really understand what you will need, not only for the initial setup, but also later on for proper maintenance of your fish tank.  Being able to grasp the basics is essential to having an enjoyable aquarium that doesn’t drain your wallet.

While it’s tempting to ask lots of questions at a local pet store and then buy suggested products online cheaper, remember those local fish stores won’t be around for long if you don’t make purchases from them.  Once they are out of business, where will you get those supplies that you need right away?  Online purchases and shipping may take longer than your fish can wait in order to survive.

fish store displayJust like owning a dog, cat, bird or snake, your pet fish relies on you completely for its care and survival.  Providing quality food, water quality, water treatments when necessary all fall on your shoulders.  By learning from knowledgeable people at the local fish or pet store, you can have a tank that is beautiful and enjoyable for a very long time.

This article regarding aquarium pet shops is not meant to endorse any store, but rather to give the reader and idea of what to expect when owning a fish tank.  Please consider your local store whenever possible.  There knowledge is invaluable.

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Aquarium Pet Shop
It might seem like buying supplies for your aquarium online is a good idea, but don't forget who will have your back when you need items right away to avoid a catastrophe. The local aquarium pet shop has to sell at retail to stay in business. Support them whenever possible.

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