Different Types Of Aquariums

Fresh tankWhen considering the different types of aquariums available, you have to think about the type of fish that you want to keep, the location that the tank will be placed, the maintenance required and the cost. Aquariums are made out of glass or acrylic. Depending on the location that the fish aquarium is going to be installed, sometimes acrylic is your only choice. Typically, unconventional shapes and sizes will be made of acrylic. Glass tanks are less expensive but they aren’t as strong, clear or as easily manipulated for unique shapes as acrylic. It is also easier to drill and cut acrylic when installing pumps, prefilters, and the like.

Fish only tanks, whether they are for freshwater or saltwater fish, can be made of either material. But as the tanks get larger, acrylic is the best way to go. Matching furniture and décor for a home or office can be accomplished by purchasing a suitable stand and canopy that match the surroundings. When designed ahead of time, any aquarium can become not only a beautiful focal point of any room but also one of the more unique pieces of furniture.

A species specific aquarium is also a choice that many hobbyists make. Seahorses is an example of a species specific tank. Because they are such slow eaters, putting fish in the aquarium with them would mean the seahorses would starve to death. Other aquariums designed for specific species includes shark tanks, octopus tanks or even cichlid tanks in freshwater.

Many people want to have fish that come from cold water environments such as trout or deep dwelling saltwater fish. If the fish that you want to keep are going to require cold water then the tank will have to be quite a bit thicker than normal so the aquarium won’t sweat due to the large difference in water temperature versus ambient room temperature.

Another kind of saltwater tank involves the keeping of invertebrates only. These tanks are specifically set up to house Invert only tankshrimp, crabs, sea apples and cucumbers and corals. They may also just house corals that are normally too delicate to have in a reef tank. Aquariums like these are not for the beginner. Because of the particular requirements of the inhabitants of the tank, experience is definitely needed.

FOWLR aquariums are popular as well. Fish Only With Live Rock (FOWLR) tanks are set up similarly to a reef aquarium but have little or no corals. Live rock, invertebrates and fish occupy a FOWLR tank. Most of the time these are set up so that one doesn’t have to clean fake decorations, hence the live rock. And because corals are usually not part of this kind of tank, enthusiasts can put fish in that would otherwise destroy a reef tank and eat the corals and invertebrates.

Last but not least is the reef aquarium. Reef aquariums include live rock, invertebrates, corals and fish that are safe to be around the reef. Aquarists that choose a reef must pay attention to what fish are placed into the tank. Fish that live on or like to nibble on corals or invertebrates are a definite no no. It’s extremely important to be familiar with the type of fish that belong in a reef. There is nothing worse than watching a new fish munch on your expensive corals. More often than not, you will have to remove almost all the rock and corals in the tank in order to catch the problem fish. Catching a healthy fish in a reef is nearly impossible; they have so many places to hide.

This article about the different types of aquariums is intended to help the individual who wants to make a statement with a beautiful tank. Hopefully, the information above will assist in keeping someone from getting in over their head. Fish tanks can be extremely satisfying but if you try to do more than you are comfortable with, the end results can be frustrating.

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Different Types Of Aquariums
Choosing what type of aquarium is right for you is a big deal. Take in to considerations some of the info included in this article.

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