Glass Or Acrylic Fish Tank?

So you’ve decided to get an aquarium. If you can dream it, it can be built. Aquarium ideas are only limited by the imagination. Do you want a glass or acrylic fish tank? Fish don’t care what the tank is made of. So selecting which tank type is up to you. This article attempts to inform the hobbyist about both choices. No matter what your decision ends up being, the choice to get a fish tank is one that should not be taken lightly. These fish, corals and invertebrates, believe it or not, become your pets. An aquarium can be an absolute thing of beauty if you plan from the beginning. Which type of tank, glass or acrylic, is a great first step.

Both aquarium materials can be drilled (drilling glass should be done by someone who knows what they are doing or catastrophe can occur) for filters, overflows or dry chambers to hide wires, pipes, etc. Both choices make for beautiful setups, no matter if it’s tropical fish or saltwater. Both kinds have proven to be more than adequate to hold the weight of the water that they are meant to contain. Remember: the weight of water is approximately 8.35 pounds per gallon. And both glass and acrylic tanks can accommodate nearly all types of aquarium products from undergravel filters to wet dry filters, heaters, powerheads, lights, etc.

glass aquariumChoosing glass for your aquarium limits the choices of shapes and sizes. Not that glass tanks can’t be made to almost any size, but the dry weight of large glass tanks becomes an issue. Selecting a glass tank limits the shapes that are available. Disadvantages of glass aquariums is not just limited to weight and shape but also to the overall life span of the silicone that is used to keep the glass sides, bottoms and tops together. Glass is less likely to scratch as easy as acrylic. Glass is, as a rule, less expensive than acrylic.


Acrylic aquariums are much lighter than glass aquariums. A 200 gallon acrylic tank can be handled by two people and a glass tank of the same size might require four. That makes a big difference when lifting and positioning onto a stand. Not only is an acrylic tank easy to move, it is also clearer and stronger than glass. The adhesive that is used to join acrylic panels together is acrylic cement and when it is used properly by professionals it is almost impossible to dis-join.acrylic tank  However, because acrylic tanks are a type of plastic, they will scratch easier than glass. Depending on the size that you choose, the cost can be significantly more. Also, if the shape of tank you require is unusual or extremely large, the glass option is taken off the table for you. Not many glass tank manufacturers want the liability of a truly large or uniquely shaped aquarium.

I hope this article has been helpful. Many other criteria, including the maintenance, can determine whether you choose a glass or acrylic fish tank. The advantages and disadvantages listed above are the most common determining factors when making that decision

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Glass Or Acrylic Fish Tank?
Both glass and acrylic aquariums have pros and cons. The above article attempts to explain and enlighten the consumer about each.

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