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Office fish tanks not only bring a beautiful focal point to the area that it is placed, it also brings relaxation for customers and patients.  A beautiful office aquarium can truly calm those people that are waiting for their doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, etc. From fairly cheap fish tanks to aquariums custom built to your specifications, the only real limitations are your imagination and wallet.  Decide in advance if you want to have a freshwater tank or a saltwater tank. If you’re thinking about putting an aquarium in your office, make sure that you consider some of the pitfalls that can happen.

One of the biggest mistakes that a person can run into when putting an aquarium in their office or place of business is to put it near a high traffic area such as a door or entrance.  The fact that the aquarium is near a high traffic area is not the problem.  The issue is the constant change of temperature or draft that can make the water in the aquarium fluctuate too much and cause the heater, or in some cases, the chiller to have to work harder than it should to maintain the correct water temperature.  Big swings in temperature can stress fish and invertebrates causing disease and death.

Another mistake that is made is buying a tank without thinking it through like an impulse buy.  All too often, the tank that is put in the office is out of place. Meaning, that the tank may have a cheap pine or fiberboard stand while the rest of the office is cherry wood or oak. Understanding that with certain woods or materials that are used for stands and canopies, prices can vary greatly, the aquarium should be thought of as a piece of furniture.  Planning ahead of time and, perhaps, hiring a professional to set up and even maintain the aquarium can have much better results and healthier fish. In most areas, the use of an aquarium maintenance service can be written off on taxes as a business expense.  Ask your accountant to be sure.

Whether you choose to place a small fresh water tank or container, like for a betta, on your desk or to put that 300 gallon reef tank in the middleOffice freshwater of the lobby, it will only be as beautiful as the quality of fish that are purchased for it.  Before you spend money on a setup, go to the local pet shop or fish store and make sure that they can get the fish and invertebrates that you would like your customers to enjoy while they are waiting to see you.  Look at the selection of fish that they carry and make sure it’s what you want.

If the fish tank is in an area where there will be quite a few children like a pediatrician’s office for example, consider placing the tank out of reach (maybe in a wall) or going with an acrylic tank instead of glass.  Acrylic will scratch easier but is far more unlikely to break.  Kids like lots of movement in the tank.  For the most part, they don’t care if it’s freshwater or saltwater or if it’s guppies or Nemo.  Most of the time they just want to be entertained.  Just a quick note…..don’t let them tap on the tank. It’s stressful on the fish and can cause disease or death.

The final thing to consider, for the purpose of this article, is whether or not the aquarium is in such a place that it can be worked on for maintenance while customers or patients are in the room.  Like other pet concerns, there is never a good time for something bad to happen. Either you or a service company must be able to work on the tank if something goes wrong.  If a pump fails, will there be enough room to repair or replace it?  If a water change has to be done, how far away is the nearest water source and where is the closest place to drain the old water (usually a toilet)?

There are great number of other things to consider before installing an office fish tank and some concerns may be unique to your situation.  Electrical outlets should be GFI for safety.  Stands should be anchored to walls if you’re in earthquake prone areas of the country.  Remember, water weighs approximately 8 1/3 pounds per gallon.  Stands, as well as the floor, should be able to hold the weight. Custom aquariums don’t always mean outrageously priced.  The trick to being able to really enjoy an aquarium in an office is to try to plan ahead and consider what the people who see it the most might want to watch everyday.

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