Wall Aquarium Tanks

So you don’t want or don’t have room for an aquarium in the location that you would like to put one, then consider putting in a wall aquarium tank. When one thinks of a wall aquarium tank, there are two types to consider.

wall mounted tankOne type is not a truly functioning aquarium in the traditional sense. It is called a hanging or portrait aquarium. They are typically mounted to the studs in the wall. They can be custom built to literally fit inside the width of the wall to be seen from both sides as a room divider. That means that the width of the tank will be only four to eight inches. The filtration is minimal as you can imagine because of the restrictions of the size. Lighting also is limited. The types of fish that can be kept in these wall aquarium tanks is limited to hardy freshwater small fish that don’t need a lot of room to swim. Maintenance is often done with magnet cleaners because it’s very difficult to get your hand inside to properly clean algae. Decorations are also extremely limited because of how thin these fish tanks are. They are often used as tank promotion for other products. Tank suppliers, wholesalers, furniture stores and the like will often use these tanks because the space required for them is minimal but gets the customers interested in these or even bigger full size aquariums. The word that best describes these tanks is limited.

The second type of wall aquarium tank is the full size freshwater or saltwater aquarium that is designed to be seen from one side of the wall like a framed picture while the main depth of the aquarium is in another room. Any type of tank that you can think of can be made into a wall aquarium tank. All filtration, lighting and maintenance is usually done behind framed aquariumthe “show wall” that people see and enjoy the tank from. Many people will use a closet or custom-built room for the equipment needed to maintain the beauty and health of the fish and / or invertebrates. Others will put the tank on a traditional stand in the room opposite the “show wall” so that the tank acts as a room divider but looks like just a normal aquarium on the back side. All equipment is then kept in the stand and canopy. It is important when considering this type of wall aquarium tank that the wall not just be cut to put the tank but to make sure it’s done by a professional so that the structural integrity of the wall is not compromised.

Before making a decision as to what type of wall aquarium tank that you might want, make sure that you not only see some samples of each, but consider what type of fish you want, quality of construction and the best results for the area that you want your aquarium to be placed. Ask questions of the owners or the person that maintains the wall aquarium tanks that you visit to determine the difficulties involved with either type. Ultimately, you may end up with a beautiful tank, but the options are clearly different. This article is intended to bring to your attention the kinds of wall tanks available, rather than make the choice for you. Hope this helps.

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Wall Aquarium Tanks
Wall tanks are unique to be sure. Depending on your requirements, it could just be the aquarium for you.

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