What You Need For A Fish Tank

glass aquariumWhat you need for a fish tank depends on the type of fish you want to keep and where you want place the aquarium.  Decisions have to be made regarding the type of stand you are going to use to place your tank, whether the tank is going to be glass or acrylic, are you going to use a canopy, what kind of lighting, what type of filtration, etc., etc., etc.  A lot of the previous questions can be answered much easier after you decide what type of fish you want to keep.

Regardless of the type of fish you want, there are certain things that are required for most fish tanks.  They are as follows, and not in any particular order, tank, stand, filter, heater (usually), chiller (only for particular situations), lighting, test kit for water quality, gravel vacuum, high quality synthetic sea salt (salt aquariums), algae scrubbers, carbon, water conditioners, protein skimmer (salt water only), food, and an air pump.  Various other items could also be listed, but many are specific to the type of aquarium or the type of fish that are being housed.

For the most part, fresh water fish are usually fairly simple to maintain and can survive the “new” hobbyist’s mistakes.  There upkeep requires the fish tank, a heater (unless you are keeping gold fish), a decent filter (sometimes as simple as an under gravel filter), some decorations, and basic lighting (unless you have live plants that require specific spectrums).

Salt water and reef tanks will require not only the tank and a high quality salt, but will often need a chiller to keep the tank from getting too warmInvert only tank for the inhabitants.  Especially reef tanks often require chillers to counter the heat that is produced from the lighting and the various pumps from the filter, protein skimmer and power heads for movement in the tank.

Specialty tanks from cichlids to trout to deep water dwellers require certain conditions that have to be provided for their health.  Many fish require colder climates while others have to have certain water conditions (soft water, brackish, etc.) Lighting plays a huge role in many corals,invertebrates, plants and algae.  Deep water fish do not do well when there is more than just a mellow ambient light or less.

These are just some of the things that you need for a fish tank.  This article is not meant to be an all-inclusive exact list of what is needed for all fish tanks.  It is intended to make the aquarist think about all aspects of what is needed for a successful hobby.  Just like any pet that you might own, fish are completely dependent on you.  You need to provide the water quality that they need to thrive, the proper tank size and adequate filtration to eliminate stress, and good quality food so that they stay healthy. Since they are solely relying on you to provide everything they need, make sure that you have the time to do water changes once per month so that you are able to enjoy your fish tank.  One of the worst things that an aquarist can do is to jump into the hobby too quickly.  More than one hobbyist has quit taking care of fish because it became too time consuming or too expensive.  With a little research and a little planning ahead, the hobby can be truly rewarding.

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What You Need For A Fish Tank
It's easy to think that all you need is a tank and fish while you're at the store. This article helps you to consider everything that might be needed in order to enjoy a healthy aquarium.

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