Best Fresh Water Fish Tanks

The best fresh water fish tanksfresh water tank are the ones that aren’t just enjoyable to watch and show off but are also relatively easy to maintain so that the stress level for you and the fish is kept to a minimum.  Save time, hassle and money by thinking ahead as you plan your new tank or before you redo the tank you have.  Not only is the size and shape of the fish aquarium important but the location is as well.  Aquariums placed near a window or door that lets in a significant amount of sunlight will have algae problems and possible heat concerns.  Also, a tank that is near a frequently used entrance or exit is subject to constant hot or cold drafts that could effect the overall health of the aquarium.

Whether you are going to use real plants or fake plants, can determine the fish that you can put in your tank.  Make sure that the fish you choose are ones that can be supported by the filtration and size of your aquarium.  It can’t be stressed enough the importance of proper filtration.  All too often aquarists will purchase a large aquarium and not put enough filtration on the setup.  Improperly filtered fish tanks not only cause disease and stress on the fish in them but, also stress to the people watching and maintaining them.  DON’T BE A SLAVE TO YOUR TANK.  Educating yourself to what the needs are of your fish before you get them can alleviate a lot of issues later on.

Don’t fall into the false security of a “clean” aquarium because you have a plecostomus or chinese algae eater or even snails removing the green algae from the glass and decorations.  That has nothing to do with the overall quality of water that your fish are swimming in.  In reality, the fact that they are eating that algae means that they are also adding to the ammonia in the water when they excrete waste.  Regular maintenance and water changes are the best way to ensure a healthy fish tank.  Buy a simple fresh water test kit so that you have an accurate understanding of the quality of water that you are housing your fish in.  Let’s face it, some fish can take dirtier water than others, but why do that to any of them?

One of the best ways to really make your fresh water fish tank stand out is to add decorations that reflect your personality without fresh water tank fishdisturbing the habitat for the fish.  Another way to get your aquarium to “pop” is with the proper lighting that has a spectrum that enhances the colors of the fish and the decorations but doesn’t add to the algae in the system.  Most local pet stores and fish stores have a variety of light choices that can improve the look of your tank without breaking the bank.  If you don’t have live plants in your aquarium, then the only real concern is to highlight the fish and decorations in your tank.

Do not overcrowd or over feed your tank.  Whether it is a small tank or a large tank, the best rule for feeding is that if after five minutes from when the food was put in the tank there is any that wasn’t consumed, then feed less next time.  Fish will get all that they need to eat in five minutes one time per day.  Another useful tip is don’t overcrowd your tank.  Overcrowding leads to fighting, excessive waste and disease.  The stress level from overcrowding will cost you in the end not only from dead fish but also the stress you will feel watching it happen knowing that you were the cause.  The best fresh water fish tank is ultimately the one that you enjoy regardless of what anyone else might think.

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Best Fresh Water Fish Tanks
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