Fish For A 10 Gallon Aquarium

10 gallon aquariumTypes of fish for a 10 gallon aquarium are vast in variety while still providing a nice overall look to the tank.  One of the most popular sizes for the beginner aquarist is a ten-gallon fish tank.  It is a size that can hold a variety of freshwater fish (a tank that small is not recommended for salt water fish!) while not taking up a lot of room.

Although it might be small, it is still suggested that you treat it as any other size tank.  Regular maintenance and proper filtration and feeding habits are essential to the successful keeping of whatever fish you decide to keep.  Don’t use the aquarium light as a night light.  It will encourage unhealthy and unsightly amounts of algae.

Typically, if you want to have more than just a few fish in your tank, Neon Tetras (as many as fifteen or twenty) look great in a tank that size.  Also, if you wish to mix and match tetras like Neons or Serpae or Black Skirt Tetras with a Cory Cat or small Angel educate yourself with the needs of the fish (how big can they get, how well do they get along with others, are they extremely territorial) as well as their Neon Tetrasfeeding requirements.  There are too many varieties of fresh water fish to be specific as to what might work for you.  The few fish mentioned above are only suggestions.

Ask the local pet store or fish store about suggestions on what type of fish will do well for you.  Certain areas of the country or world for that matter have many fish more readily available than other areas might.  Some fish will do outstanding with a diet of flake or freeze dried food while others may do better with frozen or even live (most fish kept in small tanks will never require live foods but most stores carry live bloodworms, brine, etc. if needed).  Always remember that what ever your fish don’t eat will become ammonia in the tank.  Be cautious when feeding your fish.  The number one cause of fish death is ammonia from over feeding.  A good rule of thumb is that if there is still food anywhere in the aquarium five minutes after you have fed, then definitely feed less the next day.  Fish get what they need nutritionally in five minutes once per day.  Just because the package says feed several times per day doesn’t mean that you should.  Every bite of fish food a fish eats eventually ends up as ammonia when it is expelled out later.

Because of the limited volume of water and space in the tank, be choosy in the fish that you pick.  Overcrowding fish leads to disease and fighting.  Stress is a huge killer of fish.  It’s much more enjoyable to watch a few fish that get along and seem to be content in their environment than to always be worried about the health of the aquarium and the inhabitants.

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Fish For A 10 Gallon Aquarium
This article provides some basic info for the beginner aquarist regarding fish keeping in a ten gallon aquarium.

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