Fresh Water Aquariums For Beginners

cichlids tankWhen it comes to choosing your first fish tank, fresh water aquariums, for beginners, are probably the best way to go.  Not only does a fresh water tank allow you to get your feet wet (pun intended) but it is much less costly than learning salt water.  It’s true that the color and variety of fish for salt water is much more vibrant than fresh water but they are also more expensive and less forgiving to mistakes in water quality.

As you learn and gain experience from successful fish keeping your opinions may change as to what types of fish you want or even whether you might want to try salt water fish.  For the purpose of this article, let’s stick to fresh water choices.

Tropical, or warm water, fish are typically the choice of the beginner aquarist.  Tropical fish include, but not limited to, cichlids, sharks (small fresh water sharks), loaches, angels, many catfish, etc., etc.  The alternative is cold water fish, which consists of goldfish and tetras and the like.  Tetras can be included in the tropical tank as well.  The only real difference is the presence of a heater in the tank.  Maintenance for any kind of aquarium is similar and necessary.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that if you get hardy fish that can take dirty water or if algae eaters remove the algae that that’s where the responsibilities stop for you.  Even the most sparkling crystal clear water can be high in nitrates, or worse, that effect the health of the fish.

When deciding what size or shape of tank to get, realize that you are only limited by your imagination and checkbook.  Decide ahead of arowanaarowanas and even oscars can get too rambunctious for some decorations and move or destroy them as well as break heaters.  If these are the types of fish you want, then limit the damage that they can do by using heavy decorations that can’t be moved easily and placing the heater outside the aquarium in an inline water heater.  Some of the decisions you make ahead of time might be a bit more expensive in the beginning but they can save you a bundle later.  Be sure to include proper effective filtration for the size tank that you choose and the type of fish you will keep.

Always inquire at your local stores as to what fish are available on a consistent basis so that you can stock your tank slowly over time allowing the beneficial bacteria to grow in your tank as the number of fish increase.  The biggest mistakes people new to the hobby commit is to stock the tank too fast and not ask the individual where you buy your fish whether or not something you are buying will get along with fish you already have.  Overstocking and over feeding can lead to multiple deaths in a very short period of time.  Be patient.  Patience in the end will prove to be your best choice.  The alternative to being patient is just throwing your cash, wallet and credit cards in the tank and watch them instead.  It’s much more enjoyable to watch fish that are swimming seemingly happy with out any stresses.

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Fresh Water Aquariums For Beginners
This article helps the beginning aquarist to start a fresh water aquarium.

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