Fresh Water Fish Aquariums

freshwater communityFresh water fish aquariums can be extremely satisfying to keep in your home or office. Once one has determined to keep fresh water fish, the next thing is to determine what fish species you would like to have. Most people choose to keep community fish because there are a large selection of tropical fish that get along. On the other hand, many hobbyists like to go with much larger aggressive fish which typically need a larger tank. The other choice that is often considered is that of African cichlids which have more colors than most fresh water fish but are also fairly aggressive.

If you’re not sure what kinds of aquarium fish you want, visit your local pet shop or aquarium store. Take your time, don’t be pushed into something by an employee trying to make a sale. Ask questions and do research online. Many people will take the advice of the employee at the store only to find out later that maybe they should have gone a different direction. Stores are in business to sale things and make money. We get that. Many don’t consider the customer as much as they should. Shop around, find someone you feel you can trust, and stick with them. Many fish require more room than others, so it is wise to decide what kind of fish you want before buying the aquarium. If you purchase the aquarium first, the type of fish you can get might not be the ones you want.

Community fish provide many choices, colors, sizes, and swimming patterns that make for a lively tank. Not all fish get along together. Just asking for fish that you like or consider interesting without finding out if they will all get along, is a recipe for disaster. The nice thing about a community style fresh water fish aquarium is that if you do lose a fish for any reason, you can usually replace that fish without the fear that existing fish will kill the new one. Often, when adding or replacing fish, it’s suggested that you rearrange decorations and plants so that even the existing fish have to find new areas of comfort and they will be less likely to pick on a new fish.

Oscars knives arowana

Most large fish like Oscars, Arowanas, Knives and the like need to have room to swim and feel comfortable. Larger tanks with such large fish require more equipment and aquarium supplies. Usually, you have to get special heaters or external canister type heaters because big fish get rambunctious and tend to break items in the aquarium especially glass heaters. Also, large fish often do best when feeding live goldfish, fatheads or even worms when smaller that can make for an even dirtier tank with higher nitrates.

A whole other world of fresh water fishes includes African cichlids that include all types of colors and sizes and a myriad cichlids tankof names that are too numerous to mention here. They are typically the most colorful of all the fresh water fish but they can also be the most destructive and aggressive. Destructive, because they tend to breed fairly easy under decent water conditions and like to “nest” by changing the decorations and substrate or gravel to their liking. Aggressive, because they are territorial in nature and will fight other fish that are different than they are, including other types of African cichlids to protect their areas of comfort.

Consider what the upkeep will be depending on the fish you want to have. Sometimes the amount of overall maintenance required can help you determine the type of fish that you will choose. Remember, even with a plecostomus cleaning the algae off of the glass and decorations doesn’t mean that the water is healthy for the fish. Water changes are necessary in all types of aquariums. Fresh water fish aquariums can be soothing and enjoyable if thought out ahead of time and set up properly. This article is intended to help you think of the things that are necessary, depending on the type of fish you want, so that your decision is informed and well thought out.

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Fresh Water Fish Aquariums
Fairly inexpensive and still beautiful to look at. Fresh water tanks can be a source of enjoyment when done right.

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