Saltwater Reef Supplies

kent 3 packSaltwater reef supplies are as important to the dedicated hobbyist as the corals they keep in their reef aquariums. Great aquarium supplies can come with great prices. Knowing the amount of salt, nutrients, carbon and water conditioners that will be needed for a year or even a quarter of a year will allow the aquarium hobbyist to buy bulk reef supplies ahead of time. Achieving the optimal environment for your inhabitants to thrive doesn’t have to break the bank. On the other hand, the most expensive supplies don’t guarantee that success will happen. Though “reef” people tend to be a bit more proud of their tank, they can also become a slave to it. Ultimately, a balance between the right additives or supplements and regular routine maintenance will be key to a truly pleasing reef aquarium.

This article isn’t intended to answer every question or address every condition that you might have in your aquarium. Rather, it is an attempt to guide the reef enthusiast in the right direction without making a reef widow of the spouse. Sometimes too much stuff is just too much stuff. A reef tank should need minimal effort and deliver maximum beauty. You should not have to have daily chores beyond feeding the fish and checking water level due to evaporation. Nutrients, unless dosers are employed, should be once per week or less. Exceptions, of course, are made in the case of scant specimens or heavily stocked tanks. Supplies for the typical reef aquarium can be broken down to just a few categories.

Nutrients or Supplements

Depending on the type of corals and invertebrates that are in the reef tank, the need for nutrients like calcium, iodide, strontium and molybdenum will usually suffice. However, many types of corals are voracious eaters and may need an abundance of other supplements. Again, this article is not to solve all issues for all reefs, but to give an overview so that a starting point may be established. It is also important to note that many reefs fail to flourish because aquarists put in too many supplements. Just like over feeding fish food, excessive nutrients can foul the tank.

Filtration and Lighting

A reef aquarium aims to replicate the natural habitat of the marine life it holds, requiring the appropriate amount and intensity of light and the proper filtration for stable water chemistry. This subject requires a greater in depth look than this article will delve into. But it is too important to overlook as well. So, whether you use flourescents, compact flourescents, metal halides or led lighting, it is worth mentioning that bulbs need to be checked and replaced as needed. The filtration including any prefilter media, socks, carbon or sponges should be cleaned and/or replaced monthly. Keeping these supplies on hand is a good idea. Having a reputable store nearby to be able to buy these supplies is always good.

Regular Routine Maintenance

I know that many reef enthusiasts swear by doing small water changes weekly. Most of the time this is done to correct kent saltthe over dosing of supplements. By limiting the excess nutrients, twenty five to thirty percent water changes can be done once per month. High quality salts provide much of the nutrients that are needed for the first week to ten days following a monthly water change. Saltwater reef supplies should always include high quality reef salts. For those who think that real ocean water is worth the price, I probably can’t talk you out of it.

Thank you for showing an interest in this article. I hope it was helpful.

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Saltwater Reef Supplies
Supplies for any aquarium is important, but unique and quality items are essential for reefs.

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