Aquarium Fixtures

Canopy with MHAquarium fixtures are typically lighting units that either mount inside your fish tank canopy, sit on top of your tank or are suspended from the ceiling or wall.  Which one you choose depends on your needs and the needs of the tank inhabitants.  Fresh water tanks with fish only usually need minimal lighting and a simple fixture with decent light bulbs can do the job.  Saltwater tanks with fish only will need a fixture with lighting that brings out the vibrant colors on the fish.  Lighting at the pet store or fish store can give you a dramatically different appearance of your fish than you might have at your home or office.   Finally, a reef tank will require a fixture that incorporates different types of bulbs with varying spectrums in order to provide the necessary light for healthy corals and anemones.

Keep in mind the pros and cons of the types of aquarium fixtures that are available.  Some fixtures will have an acrylic cover that will help to avoid any splashing that might occur on the bulbs.  Mounting a fish tank light fixture to a canopy makes that canopy heavier and tends to trap the heat created from the bulbs.  Any fixture that sets on top of the tank should be cool enough not to warp or crack the acrylic or glass top that is on the aquarium.  Also, any fixture that is made of metal can and will rust where the corners are bent and the moldings are exposed to water or moisture.  Wooden aquarium fixtures can swell if not sealed from the moisture that will inevitably evaporate from the top of the tank.  It is extremely important to have the top of the tank, rather it has a canopy or not, well ventilated to keep the moisture from evaporation from accumulating.  Also, consider how well the fixture is made.  A light fixture that is poorly constructed can cause electrical fires and electrocution.

There are many well-built aquarium fixtures on the market these days that hold any number of light bulbs and/or combinations of different types of bulbs to meet any aquarium needs.  Though they may not be cheap, quality well built fixtures will provide years and years of beautiful lighting T-5 Lightingon your fish and corals and invertebrates.  Many higher end fixtures incorporate ease of access to change not only the bulbs within the fixture but also the ballasts if they need to be replaced at some point.

This article on aquarium fixtures touches only the surface of what is available and what to be wary of when it comes to making that all-important purchase.  It is always a good idea to check with the local fish store or pet store to see what they are using and what they recommend.  Keep in mind that there is not a huge profit margin on most aquarium related electrical items bought retail so try to give that local store your business whenever possible.   The folks at the local level are the ones that are going to be there if you have a problem or need to purchase an item quickly in order to guarantee the health of your fish.

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Aquarium Fixtures
When it comes to making an aquarium really look like a piece of furniture, the proper light fixture or canopy can go a long way to enhancing your set up.

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