Fish Tanks And Supplies

aquarium supplies 1Depending on what type of aquarium you are going to setup will determine the fish tank and supplies needed. This article will attempt to give the basics needed for the novice aquarist so that your new hobby is enjoyable with the least amount of stress. Size, shape and location will determine whether you are going to have a glass aquarium or an acrylic one. Budget concerns play a big role in whether you put that tank on a pine, oak, metal, etc stand and / or canopy or maybe even build it into the wall. It’s not a good idea to place an aquarium on a chest of drawers or a table or any other horizontal surface that isn’t made for the tank. At over eight pounds per gallon of water, the damage caused when that table or chest gives out under the weight can be disastrous. Fish tanks should be placed on something that is made to specifically hold the weight.

Because you’re dealing with an eco system that can fluctuate and change without any rhyme or reason, it’s a good idea to have at least the basic fish supplies on hand. There’s nothing worse than noticing late at night or perhaps on a holiday that you need to do a water change or treat the tank for a parasite or bacterial problem and the local pet store is closed. If you have had ich in your tank in the past, it’s not a bad idea to have an extra dose or two of medication on hand, just in case. The sooner you start treatment, the less likely you are to lose fish. If your aquarium is a saltwater tank, then make sure you always have enough salt on hand to do a water change at any time. The vast majority of concerns and problems in any tank can be corrected by a twenty five to thirty percent water change. At the very least, a water change will help the tank inhabitants through the stress of the problem and give them a better chance to survive.

Whatever your filtration is, whether it’s air stones in lift tubes for an undergravel filter or a canister filter, or even a wet aquarium supplies 2dry or refugium, make sure that you have the necessary stones, floss, carbon, socks, bulbs that may be needed to change when needed. This also holds true for lighting as well. Though not as important in fish only aquariums, reefs and freshwater plants will start to suffer after as little as a couple of days if the light bulbs are not replaced when needed and especially if they are burned out. Some light systems have many bulbs and it is not practical to have enough bulbs to replace them all at once. But light bulbs don’t burn out all at once under normal circumstances. Try to have at least a couple of bulbs on hand.  Waiting for shipping of replacement items can cost a lot more in dead fish, plants, corals or invertebrates than you save by only ordering when needed. Think ahead and budget so the aquarium will run much smoother and be more enjoyable.

Cleaning supplies for the glass or acrylic should also be part of the items you have on hand at any one time. Any water conditioners that you might use for the type of fish you are keeping and any nutrients that are needed for the plants, corals or invertebrates should be well stocked. Whatever the life that you choose to keep, it’s depending on you for everything. The things they need to strive and survive don’t change just because you didn’t’ remember to keep fish tank supplies stocked. If you realize you’re getting low on flake, freeze-dried or frozen food, make sure you get more before you run out completely. This is even more important when feeding live food. Fish that eat live food tend to be more aggressive as a rule and when that food isn’t available they will pick on each other and stress out the whole tank. Normally, fish can go a couple of days without food and be fine. In offices that are closed for the weekends, fish get used to the routine of not eating for two or three days. However, that is not always the case at home where they are used to eating every day and a couple of days without food could stress them out to the point of getting sick.

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you have the necessary test kits and reagents to test the aquarium in case you have a concern about the water quality. This article regarding fish tanks and supplies is meant as a guideline to help the individual who wants to have pride in the health of their aquarium. Making excuses as to why you are not able to correct or avoid a problem in your tank doesn’t help the aquarium inhabitants that are suffering.

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Fish Tanks And Supplies
It's always best to be prepared and have on hand the necessary supplies to maintain your aquarium. Though not every thing is covered in this article, it will give you a good jumping off point.

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